View Full Version : Asus RoG G750JZ - Overheating Issue

07-06-2015, 10:14 PM
Hello everyone,

I own an Asus RoG G750JZ and I'd like to ask you if it's abnormal reaching the following values in terms of temperature:
CPU: 50-60 C on Idle | 80-102 C on Load
GPU: 65-98 C on Load

I have owned this notebook for a few months thus far and it's been acting like this since I bought it. Every time I play a graphics-intensive game on Medium-Max settings, the laptop circuitry reaches insane temperatures. I'm afraid that it could damage the notebook in time. I want to mention that I've never applied thermal paste to this notebook before, therefore I'm thinking of applying some Arctic Silver V paste for CPU and GPU. Also, I'd like to ask if you know any good fan-control software which I could use for this notebook model in order to keep fans at full speed all the time (I don't mind the noise, just want to be able to play games maxed-out without the risk of damaging the notebook).

07-07-2015, 02:23 AM
First of all, what is you ambient temp? If it is higher, then your gpu/cpu temp too will be affected. Next, your cpu temp when idling is normal as mine does the same too. However, mine has not reach 100c temp yet when in full gaming. The highest i got was 90c. Same goes with the gpu. Try to turn on the full speed fan, it should decrease the temp. You said that you've owned the laptop for months so there's a high change that your fans got clogged with dust. I suggest you clean your laptop thoroughly. If you decided to repaste, then I recommend artic mx4 as the paste. Personally, I haven't tried the mx4 but i heard some good results with it. So far, there are two ways to control the fans. You can either use the stock gpu tweak or the notebook fan control utility. The latter one though gives more control than the former.

07-07-2015, 02:56 AM
I am aware that the room temperature could increase the temperature of the notebook. The room temperature here is usually 24-26 C during summer. I'll try to adjust fans with the programs you've recommended me and I will take into account about using Arctic MX4. Thank you! :)

There's also something else I should've mentioned. I didn't update the VBIOS which ASUS Live Update utility has found for my notebook. My notebook's still running the stock VBIOS. Would it influence my notebook's performance in any matter ?

07-07-2015, 06:02 PM
As an rog g750jw owner my gaming temperatures are 70 for CPU and 60 for GPU....how is this so? Well i have a working solution...

Download Notebookfan control and browse after instaled for asus zeenbook ux32LN profile and you will be able to control your fans...set it to 100% before you start playing and reply with results......