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07-07-2015, 04:09 AM
Please bear with me since I'm computer illiterate and never owned a laptop. I've been browsing and searching the forums for sometime and decided I wanted to buy a gaming laptop, specifically the Asus G751 jt ch71, since it's around my budget. http://m.newegg.com/Product/index?itemnumber=N82E16834232202 I have several questions.
1. I read that most people who've purchased this laptop switch out the 256gb ssd for a bigger size. Since I tend to download alot of stuff, usually more than 500gb of games/mmos. Will the 1TB hdd be enough? The 1TB that comes with it I assume is an external hdd? I don't really want install any internal parts fearing I may snap something unless it's easy to do. And how does installing programs and updates on which drive is recommended?
2. If my battery dies assuming it reaches it's decline. 2 years or so? Can I purchase another replaceable from the manufacturer?
3. What bag/protection case should I buy for it? I prefer something cheap, but any suggestions are appreciated.

Please let me know if there is a better alternative to this laptop, my budget is $1600. Thank you

07-07-2015, 01:52 PM
Hi KukuPuffswin. The G751JT-CH71 looks like it comes with just an internal 1Tb Hard drive and no additional SSD drive, from what I can see. 1Tb is usually plenty of storage for most people, unless you have a habit of collecting lots of movies and large files in which case I'd recommend investing in an additional 2Tb external drive or something to throw stuff onto. Looking through various posts on this forum, it looks like the 2nd drive bay in the CH71 is empty so you could fire in an additional 1Tb hard drive or a large SSD if you've got the cash, bearing in mind that they can get very pricey. Also note that it doesn't come with a bracket to install a smaller M.2 SSD drive, so you'd need to go for the standard-sized SSD that fits in the 2.5" drive bay. You're better having Windows running from an SSD if you can, as things run MUCH more quickly - less important software and stuff can go onto the hard drive.

I wouldn't worry about opening your laptop to install another drive, it's really simple and all you need is a screwdriver and a sense of logic. Get on the forums here if you get stuck.

In terms of batteries dying - again, I wouldn't worry about it too much. These are large desktop replacement machines, which will spend most of their time connected to the mains electricity and will continue to work that way even if the battery does decline. You can however replace the battery, but it does involve opening the machine up a little. Again, instructions are available on here if you have a quick search.

I'm on the hunt for a bag for my G751 too and would recommend going for a backpack-type bag as a courier one with a laptop of this weight would just be uncomfortable to carry around. Asus do their own 'Nomad' bag which is very nice, but a bit pricey so it might be a good idea to just hunt for a cheaper (and unfortunately less cool) backpack that will take an 18.4" laptop - that way you know your G751 is going to definitely fit in it.

07-07-2015, 02:38 PM
All I will add to this is insure that you have a correct fitting Phillips Screw driver there have been reports of Loctited screws holding the Drive Caddy in the notebook.
Good Idea to get a 256 GB SSD for your OS to live on. The 1 TB hard drive should work out as storage if you need more storage you have 2 options 1 get an external hard driver that suites you. or 2 buy a 2TB 2.5" internal (http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_c_0_43?url=search-alias%3Delectronics&field-keywords=2.5-inch+sata+iii+notebook+hard+drive+9.5mm&sprefix=2.5-Inch+SATA+III+Notebook+Hard+Drive+9.5MM%2Celectron ics%2C310)to replace your 1 TB with.

I would look around and see if you can get a notebook with the 2.5" SSD factory installed.

If not you'll have to clone your new SSD from the original hard driver. For this I would suggest that you download free Macrium Reflect (http://www.macrium.com/reflectfree.aspx)and follow the instruction on there web site.

07-07-2015, 02:50 PM
I wouldn't worry about the battery. This thing has no business being on your lap, or indeed, anywhere away from a mains plug (though the battery life is surprisingly good for an ASUS machine). By the time the battery starts degrading your warranty will have been gone for a while - and I'm sure you'll easily be able to find replacements. It takes a steady hand with a screwdriver and an old credit card to get the thing open and maybe 10 minutes of time.

The G751 does have a second drive bay, which you can use for a 256GB (or larger) SATA3 SSD, the other slot will house your 1TB drive (which is sufficient for most people) and that will run through SATA2. I don't know if you're familiar with M.2 drives - you can easily check if you have the slot on yours - sometimes they leave the actual socket out if the laptop doesn't come with a M.2 SSD from the factory. As clockworksatan described above - the process is beyond simple. Pop the rubber tag up and unscrew the screw, it won't come out completely, don't force it - and don't worry about braking anything, you'll be fine if you're careful.

M.2 SSDs are more expensive than standard SATA3 SSDs but perform considerably faster. You will need to buy or get a M.2 drive bracket, which yours will not come with and these are only available from1 known location and it's in Europe. I wouldn't worry about the RAM, 16GB is enough for anything you'd want to reasonably do with a "laptop", certainly for gaming - and the games that might benefit from more than 8GB will not run at higher settings anyways because of your GPU - the 970M is better than previous generations of mobile GPUs, but it's no desktop powerhouse. So I advise getting a 256GB+ SATA3 drive if you're strapped for cash to keep your system files and most important games and programs on and have the 1TB spinner as a data drive for the rest of your games. There isn't a MMO out there that would give the 970M a run, by the way, so you'll be happy with that, I'm sure. Unless it's an MMOFPS like PlanetSide2, that is. :)

Clint gives good advice - but you may find it hard to find a 2.5 inch SSD equipped G751 in the US - these types of custom SKUs seem to be more common to European stores. By default, G751s seem to only come with M.2 Samsung drives unless specified otherwise.

Some G751s (including mine) came with this backpack.


It's perfect for what it does and it's made by Targus, very well built. Not much bling though, which I like. See if you can find it on ebay or somewhere, it should cost like...$30.

07-08-2015, 12:17 AM
Thank you everyone for all the responses. I've decided to buy a ssd Samsung Evo 840 http://www.amazon.com/Samsung-250GB-2-5-Inch-Internal-MZ-7TE250BW/dp/B00E3W1726/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1436314626&sr=8-1&keywords=Samsung+EVO+840 Is this compatible with the g751 jt?
Also that backpack is very nice, if I can't find a better deal, I may just get the rog backpack for the g751.

07-08-2015, 07:31 AM
Good choice for the SSD, it will work just fine for you.
Well, this backpack IS the ROG one :D
The one you're thinking of is the ROG Nomad.

If you decide to buy a M.2 drive in the future, this also gives you another choice.
There is a thread about it here, but basically you can remove the palstic shell of the 840 and plug that into the SATA port, which will give you enough room to also put in the M.2 with no issues (as long as you have a way of securing the M.2 SSD).

07-09-2015, 12:15 PM
Hey guys, I just bought a Port Designs Meribel laptop backpack on Amazon for just 20 (down from 60, bargain!) that gets good reviews. For that price it seemed worth the gamble and I can always flog it on eBay if it doesn't fit! One of the reviewers talks of using theirs to transport their MSI GT70 about, so it sounds like it should be fine for the G751. It's not as flashy as the Nomad which suits me fine and it's marketed as being waterproof, which is really important to me as I live in Scotland, where it rains all of the damn time!


I'll report back to let you know if it fits and if it's good quality, etc.

07-09-2015, 09:27 PM
I got home tonight to find the Port Designs bag had arrived and am pleased to say that my G751 fits into it perfectly. It's really nice actually, well padded and comfortable to carry. It comes with a waterproof cover too so I'll be able to carry my G751 around with me without having to fear for the rain.

All in all, really quite pleased with it - even better that it was a bargain!