View Full Version : GL551JW BIOS Broken after RMA?

07-12-2015, 07:48 PM
I had the laptop and noticed that the BIOS ran in native resolution on startup, and the Windows 8 Logo was replaced with the ROG logo as well.

The laptop died, and when I RMAd it, they returned it and for everything it works just fine, except the BIOS is different. Totally.

It no longer runs at native resolution, and instead a stretched 4:3 ratio (800x600 methinks) with an incredibly ugly Intel logo in the corner.

Is there some way I can restore this laptop to the old style? My roomate has the exact same laptop, and I updated his BIOS at the same time as well, but his looks like mine used to, without the Intel logo and at native resolution, where mine still looks messed up.

Thanks for the help guys.