View Full Version : G751JY-DH71 How do I turn on function keys permanently?

07-13-2015, 02:32 PM
I'm regarding all the hotkeys present on F1-F12, not the steam/record/macro buttons.

On my old HP laptop (eww, I know, but it was cheap) I could just press the buttons for what I needed-volume, brightness, mute, etc. It had pretty much the same layout-full kb with a number pad.

On this laptop I can only seem to access the hotkeys by holding Fn, which is super annoying. Also, num lock not being on by default when I power up is also irritating, as with windows 8 I have no choice but to either use a pw or pin, and to use a pin I have to activate num lock first.

I've looked in the bios but see absolutely nothing regarding what I want. Is there really no way to do it?

07-13-2015, 04:47 PM
I WANT IT SO BAD as well. I haven't found out a way except to install a extra non-asus utility thats only ok

Prostar Computer
07-13-2015, 07:24 PM
Sometimes these features can be toggled on and off in BIOS, and sometimes the BIOS setup is lacking the options. This is the only area to make this sort of permanent change as the keyboard is controlled by firmware.