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07-20-2015, 03:18 AM
I'm seriuosly considering picking up an Asus G751 with nVidia 965 graphics. What I primarily want to use it for is:
1. Schoolwork for Master's Degree in Business Intelligence - so some database type work, likely it wouldn't require a lot of heavy lifting, I would imagine, but I'm sure it wouldn't hurt.
2. Audio editing
3. General usage - web browsing, spreadsheets, etc.
4. Remote connections to other computers to assist others in need at times, so the scree-nsize seems great here.
5. MAYBE eventually some HD video editing, though I won't have the time very soon.
6. Occasional photo editing, I'm sure.
7. Web design - also very little, b/c time short otherwise.
8. Occasional light gaming - highest graphics usage I'd likely use... for now... might be Team Fortress 2, and I extremely rarely find the time anyway.

What I'm thinking right now is that I want to pick up a unit off Amazon, or another cheaper source, and either find one that already has an M.2 SSD installed and/or 2TB hard drive installed. Or one thought I have so far is get one with whatever hard drive it has, if cheaper price, then just pick out my own SSD and HDD.

So my questions are:
1. Screen quality - seems a no brainer, sounds like it's an excellent screen for anything. Would it be a good screen for text?

2. Good screen for photo/video editing? I think that's like a dumb question, but thought I'd see if folks had issues in that area at all.
3. Standing desk options? Has anyone used a particular standing desk that worked well? Home-made, purchased, etc? I'm not going to spend a fortune, but figured worth asking to see if any specific thoughts were out there.

4. Typing - the keyboard - since it has the slightly raised WASD keys, does that seem to affect anyone's typing of say a document or email? Right now, I'm typing on an Asus N56VM, and the keyboard generally works well.

5. Sound quality - how would it compare to the N56VM, possibly? This laptop has (had, really - they got fried) Bang and Olsen speakers - seemed to be really nice. Does the G751 do as well?

I may think of some other items later, but looking for any suggestions / opinions. Thanks in advance.

07-20-2015, 04:27 AM
1) perfectly fine for text
2) yes it isn't pro level, but it still has very good specs / accuracy. It runs a touch warm it could benefit from calibration.
3) use a box on top of a normal desk to see if you like it / will use it. It is also a good option for temporary or on and off again usage. Standing desk are not for everyone this will let you see if you like it.
4) The keyboard is rather nice the WASD keys are not raised they just have red accents and an addition tactile bump to find the W key like is on the F and J keys. Some don't care for the layout of the extra keys and the numlock has to be used in conjunction with the Fn key otherwise it opens the Asus game center... otherwise it is a rather nice keyboard.
5) The sound is okay, it is better than some laptops and worse by a fair margin than the best of them. I just use headphone / external speakers 99.9% of the time. I also think even the best sounding laptops suck when it comes to sound though. No branded speakers here. Some people report rattling sound.

Sounds like a good fit for your use case over all.

07-20-2015, 07:58 AM
I'd like to add some things to what joshindaphils said.

Overall, any 4-core, fully featured i7 such as this "laptop" has will manage all your tasks just fine.

1. Excellent screen by any standard I can imagine.
2. Double on the warm. Then again I use ASUS Spledid to get a more vivid image.
4. While the keys are not raised, if you look at them under the right light you'll see that all other keys on the keyboard a slightly concave while the WASD ones are completely flat. The keyboard feels excellent to type on. One of the better non-mechanicals I've used.
5. I like to think I have an ear for good sound and I actually think if configured correctly (subwoofer volume, equalizers) these speakers are plain excellent. For their size and power, I think they do more than well. Then again, my G751 was one of the few that didn't have as bad a sound as everyone else's seemed to have so there might be differences between models. We talked about this long and hard months ago, though. They sound 3x as good as my old N61Ja.

I would get this machine if I were you. Cooling won't be a problem at all, I think. It's not a problem with my GTX980M running overclocked, I don't think a 965 would give it any trouble at all, even if the cooling setup is smaller in capacity. The actual hull of the laptop lends itself to excellent cooling.

07-20-2015, 11:18 AM
The only issue is the fifth point: the speakers are not very good, I think they are ok but I don't really use them, but there are a lot of complaints about it.

The other thing is if gaming is not a concern, you should not pay the extra-price as you would with the G751 series, which are (very) massive gaming laptops.
There are plenty of other thinner 17" IPS laptops that will fit better a light or non-gaming usage, even in the ROG product line.

07-20-2015, 12:13 PM

You mentioned other ROG laptops.. Are there those that would support more than one internal HDD/SSD as well? I hadn't noticed any so far.


Thanks for the mention of the numlock key. That sounds scouting, but I'd likely just leave numlock on must of the time so probably not a big deal. Still seems like a bad design.

07-20-2015, 12:50 PM
Other laptops were mentioned. I noticed there GL771 looks like it supports 2 2.5 drives AND one M.2 drive. I may have looked at it wrong. Am I looking say that wrong? Also, what are the drawbacks, if any, of the 771 to the 751? I would have assumed the 771 better being the slightly larger number. If it's just that the higher end graphics cards aren't available, then the 771 may be more up my alley anyway.

Thanks for the prerecorded posts. Gives me more to thing about.

Thanks in advance for any other suggestions.

07-20-2015, 12:52 PM
I think the only one that can take 2 full-size drives without swapping out the optical bay is the G771.

EDIT: You beat me to it. Yes, the G771 does support 2 drives. No it isn't better when compared to the G751 in any way that matters, I think. Also the cooling is definitely worse. These odd number G-series machines have tended to be recolors of the N-series entertainment laptops. Not specific gaming designs like the G751.

The numlock thing is a bit annoying but I've been using the laptop since December and I've turned off numlock maybe twice.
It's a not a frequently used key these days. I found the Steam key more annoying but that's fixable so it shows the normal desktop view of Steam.
It's funny that it also turns the laptop on and then loads steam if you press it when it's shut down.

I repeat that MINE sounds great to me and I've heard a few here in Bulgaria and they pretty much sound the same as mine. Again, i didn't have the issues other people had on this forum at the time that they had them.

Keep in mind that the SATA bay where the M.2 connector is also housed is the SATA3 one...the other one only supports SATA2. However, it is possible to stuff a 2.5 inch SSD and a M.2 SSD in the same space by opening up the 2.5 inch SSD and putting just the board in.

Also, don't expect stellar customer support from ASUS...or any laptop company, really. Me and a few others were lucky but many don't want anything to do with these companies. I buy ASUS for the hardware.

Here's the G771's internals. Funny how some of the parts say N751 on them etc.

07-20-2015, 01:35 PM
The G751 is, without a moment of doubt, an amazing laptop - I've had my one (The G751JT) for less than a month and am really impressed with the quality and performance of it.

I would, however, echo what other have said here in thinking that buying a G751 for mostly non-gaming uses/work seems a bit like overkill. It would probably make more sense to get a MacBook Pro or a Windows-based laptop with similar dimensions, which would be perfectly suited for audio/video editing work. It should also be said that the G751 is a very heavy beast of a machine that would become tiresome to lug about everywhere, so it might be worth factoring the weight in too if you intend on carrying it about frequently.

I'll throw my oar in regarding the G751's speakers, too. When I first got my one and played some music, my first thought was that the sound was bloody terrible! It sounded muffled, but with a pleasant amount of bass, no treble and the mids turned up too high. I played around with the various pre-set audio modes and they all sounded terrible too! However, after going in and manually adjusting the audio equilisers I managed to get it sounding actually pretty nice. The moral of the story is: ditch the presets and manually adjust the audio to suit your taste.

07-21-2015, 05:34 PM
I did some looking and, and I've yet to find a laptop that does what the 751 did for less, given what I want out of it.

If I buy one, I want it to last 5 years, if possible. And I want it to perform well. I also like how easy it is to access the memory and hard drives/SSD.

Anything else I find that has decent specs (what I call decent right now) and possibility for 2 drives data drives, assuming optical (ODD) left on place, has a 17 inch screen with high def resolution (still bugs me that most high def screens now advertise 1080p when some were already above that in the past.

Those I've found otherwise are also gaming laptops, and most cost more.

Can anyone think of another alternative that would be better, since I ain't be gaming much at all?