View Full Version : G73JH - Red dots on screen after repaste

12-15-2011, 01:13 AM
I had a pretty successful repaste some time ago (I think it was close to a year ago, can't really remember) and recently noticed that my fans were getting loud again and temps while playing SWTOR got up to as high as 105. I opened it up again hoping that I would just have to do a little fan maintenance. Fans were pretty clean so i figured it must have been a poor repaste job the last time. Repasted again and this time I'm noticing a couple less than ideal situations.

1 - Running Furmark max temps got up to around 93. Not terrible but still higher than that 86 max I got last time.

2 - Now I've noticed that as temperatures rise I start getting red dots that appear in the dark areas of my screen. If I gently pull or push on my screen the dots will disappear, only to reappear when I let go. If this happened all of the time I would assume it's just a cable connected to the LCD that is having issues. Because it only happens when temps get up to around 77 i'm thinking that there might be something more.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

12-15-2011, 01:25 AM
With regard to 1): pastes usually have a cure time, which can range from 6-12 hours (even those brands that claim not to require a cure time!) to 200 hours or more of temperature cycling. During this time temps will drop by as much as 5 degrees or more.
As well, less if more with pastes: if you have a thick coat of paste on there it will insulate. A thin coat that is almost transparent enough to read the CPU/GPU stamped lettering is best. At least this is my experience from being an avid overclocker for a few years.

Don't know what to think about 2).