View Full Version : Query About Triple Monitor @ 5760 x 1080p or Single 3440 x 1440p

07-22-2015, 03:34 PM
First, my goal is to play games, especially racing games.

Now, I have a G751 w/ 970M (I purchased while working locally) but now that I work overseas, I plan to buy one with 980M, but I am now choosing between Alienware 17 with 980M or ASUS G751 with 980M.

Alienware 17 gives me a sure shot with a triple monitor setup or with High Def gaming if I purchase a graphics amplifier w/ a 980ti down the line but I am thinking to give the ROG G751 a chance because I want the build quality and silence of the ROG G751, and Alienware is way overpriced here in Qatar while the G751 980M is not.

#1.) I plan to buy 2 monitors or maybe 3 (thru VGA), with 1080p and use it for nVidia Surround Gaming, will it be possible to output to 2-3 monitors for gaming using the G751 980M. (I have no external monitor right now so I haven't tried doing any media output to my current G751 970M).

#2.) Are frame-rates playable if I game using a Triple Monitor @ 5760 x 1080p or Single 3440 x 1440p.
(Because I believe that 980M is not that much different from a 980 and hence, I think it can handle these resolutions, but that's why I'm asking because somebody might have a specific answer to my question.

#3.) Should I just wait for a 1080M and see if it promises a more reliable solution to my needs.

Thanks in advance to anybody helping me!