View Full Version : A very interesting situation with the g751jy and the samsung sm951 pcie ssd

07-24-2015, 09:44 PM
an interesting situation to report on, concerning my g751jy and the sm951 pcie 512gb ssd. while my samsung sm951 benchmarked on crystaldiskmark 4 with 1600mb/s seq read, and 1458mb/s seq write, when i retried a
suggested test from an earlier post, i got an interesting set of numbers.

the test was to transfer 20gb's of vid from one partition to another. so while i did this, the transfer box in
windows 10 shows the speed of the transfer as it goes, and mine showed 1.8gb/s and did it in just over 11 seconds. the rate fell slightly as the transfer continued, but for the first half of the transfer, it was a solid 1.8gb/s rate, and only fell off at around 65 - 70% finished, down to around 1.5 - 1.3gb/s. that's blazing fast for a large video file. so now i am wondering if anyone else has played around with actually timing and testing any other functions of this drive? i would be very interested to know their results. i am using windows 10 build 10240, on my G751JY, with a Samsung sm951 AHCI, pcie 3 512gb drive in the same bay as my 1TB Samsung EVO 840. and temps maxed out at 53c during the process. and even though i have them in the same bay with only a piece of electrical tape between them, the sm951 idles at 32c, and the 840 EVO idles at 33c. i've rarely seen either drive get above 56c.

UPDATE: i have done the test over and over, first from one partition on the sm951 to another one on the same drive; both partitions are system partitions. then i performed it going from a partition on the sm951 to a partition on the 840 EVO. with each test, i both copied and then moved the video files, and changed the giver and receiver each time. the cool thing was on a couple of occasions, it started out over 2.0gb/s, but at those times where it did, it also fell more drastically at the end below a gb/s, down to as low as 800 or 700 mb/s. but no matter how high it started or finished, it always seem to time around 11 seconds, being a little faster than that on some occasions, and a little bit slower than that on others. but it was always within a second.