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12-15-2011, 05:24 PM
Hello all,

I have owned this amazing notebook for about a year now. I am a first year college student and had someone in my class tell me that if I haven't updated my drvers yet, well than it will increase my perfomance ten-fold, I assumed that for non-computer people like myself they might have an automated drivers page,, however I was not able to find anything but this.
which, while extremely helpful, all I notice is about 80 downloads, I tried downloading the latest bios one than I see I have to flash it just to make it work? Can someone please take a few minutes to let me know how I go about doing all these drivers? Can I just download the latest ones or am I suppose to have all of them? Also if you could let me know how I do this bios flash would be appreciated. I have done some reading and most I do not understand... Thanks so much if you are taking the time to read this, I have enrolled into CIS in college, but we have not learned about this kind of stuff yet,


12-15-2011, 05:32 PM
I will call asus support when I get home but they always have hard time helping me over phone unless I get USA guy, so I have tried forums first just fyi

12-15-2011, 07:49 PM
Here are instructions for BIOS updating (borrowed from JR's Drivers threads). Do no use any of the other BIOS update methods, as they have a higher risk of failure.

The Safer Method to Flash a System BIOS

Format a USB drive to FAT32 format.

Download the new BIOS and unzip it to the USB drive.

Remove USB drive after you're certain the file transfer is complete.

Restart your notebook and while the ASUS logo is on the screen press F2 a few times to enter the BIOS setup.

Find the Easy Flash Utility and insert the USB drive. Tell Easy flash where your BIOS file is then follow directions explicitly!

When your notebook restarts, enter the BIOS Setup utility again (F2 at the Asus logo) and select F9 "Load Optimized Defaults"

Save and Exit, then continue into Windows.

As for your drivers, take it slow. It actually sounds like you aren't having any particular issues with your computer, so there's no urgency. If you do a lot of drivers at once and start experiencing issues, it's hard to know what caused them.

On that product page you cited, expand each section one at a time to see the date of the newest driver in that category. Then look in Device Manager (on your computer) to compare and see whether the latest Asus posting is newer than yours. If it is, that would be one to consider updating.

The types of drivers that are most frequently updated (and therefore most likely outdated on your computer), are:

Graphics adapter (VGA)
Wireless WLAN adapter (WLAN)
Chances are there's also a new chipset driver as well.