View Full Version : G751JY G-Sync - First day: bright pixel at the centre of the screen!

07-29-2015, 03:50 AM
Hello everybody.

I've just received my new G751JY-T7303H (That's the UK model with the 980m and 32GB RAM and 512 SSD).

Beautiful machine, blazingly fast... but:

The first time I turned it on I noticed a very noticeably brighter pixel almost in the center of the screen.

It is not a stuck pixel, as it is not visible on light colors, yet it becomes evident on dark colors or black. It looks like that single pixel is brighter than the others around it when it's showing dark colors.

I tried all the usual voodoo: rubbing it, tapping it, turning the pc on and off repeatedly, projecting 6 hours of psychedelic color effects on the screen (my wife wasn't particularly happy with the living room looking like a rave party for the whole night).

Did anybody else experience the same issue?

I am going to return it today (I want to avoid ASUS RMA on a 0-day laptop if I can!) but I would still be able to try something else if you have any idea.

So, please, share your wisdom with me! :o

Thanks in advance!