View Full Version : Touchpad issues please help me

07-29-2015, 06:27 PM
I bought this laptop like (g751) 2 months ago first I had found out it has ****ed up subwoofer software and nothing can fix it but I tolerated it. then 2 days ago my touchpad buttons had stop working I thought maybe it fn f9 was the problem but nope it wasnt, then i tried some different drivers that might solve it and nothing then I found out on the forum that some one solve his problem by deleting the touchpad driver from device manager and his buttons could work, and I did it for me and it worked! then I open my laptop the next day and boom the touchpad is ****ed up the movement work fine but the buttons some times works some times dont, Please some give a solution, and dont tell me just use the mouse I didnt bought this ****ing Laptop to have so many problems, Maybe give the right driver or tell me other advice or somethings. I dont know what to do. I feel right now that I burned my money by buying this hell.