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07-30-2015, 05:12 PM

I am new to the forums and hope to contribute at sometime.
I am a new owner of the Asus G751JY and what led me to buy this beast of a machine is basically... just a beast!
I have owned desktops and laptops in the past and this is the biggest purchase out of them all so, I would like to ask some questions as I am fairly new to the gaming tech community.

1. Are there any tips and tricks I need to know of this laptop or of some features that asus provides for it?

2. I have read some threads saying I am able to increase my screens maximum hz (60hz default) using nvidia control panel and can someone tell me the difference of being able to do this versus, if i were to buy the g-sync 75hz G751 model? (Is it safe to do this? Are there any prerequisites before doing it?

3. As soon as I got my laptop, I immediately updated all the updates needed for windows 8.1 then I upgraded to windows 10 after that. (Have also installed the latest Nvidia drivers using the control panel) Everything seems perfect and running but seem curious because there must be one flaw to this, so wondering what drivers that majority people have had to fix or change so that I may know if i need to do the same

4. I am hoping this laptop will last me for a very long time and thus need to know how frequently I need to clean this laptop and how to go about in doing so.

5. I have played League of Legends recently and have noticed some screen tearing (Resolution was on medium high [felt delicate so I reduced the graphics for now]) how do I fix this? Will this occur in other games?

6. Are there any applications/programs that'll benefit me and the laptop that you recommend me to download?

7. Final question regarding SSD/HDD storage within Computer panel. My laptop came with 1TB and 2x128gb SSD and I want to confirm that when I head over to 'This PC', that there are 4 devices and drives. 2 that are of the 128gb and 2x465gb which are of the 1tb?

Sorry for asking many questions!
Thanks and I'm looking forward to your suggestions and answers :)

07-30-2015, 05:48 PM
Congratulations, good choice of machine.

1. ASUS Support is not good but there are exceptions. Consult these forums before you do ANYTHING risky.
That laptop needs no tricks to be what it is - it's just great. You will notice issues with the keyboard - a lot of people don't care too much for the placement of the Num Lock key and the Shadowplay/Steam/Macro keys. The Steam key can be set to bring up the normal Steam interface if that bothers you, though. Some people have had issues with sound, I personally haven't.

I recommend these sound settings for best results:

I would say everything else in terms of trick, you will conclude for by yourself. Either that or more specific questions, please :D

Consult this thread for nice tips by Rares95:

Also, read all the stickied threads regardless.

2. Completely safe to set to 75Hz. No prerequisites. Some G751s run 100Hz. I personally don't recommend this for long terms use but 75Hz should be fine since the G-SYNC screens are technically the same. You can't get the same effect, though, we don't have official G-SYNC support on our "older" models. Personally, I would see about switching for a G-SYNC model if you can. Simply increasing your refresh rate will yield no effects other than a smoother picture. This is not the same as G-SYNC by any means. G-SYNC dynamically adjusts your monitr's refresh rate to match that of your game.

3. Absolutely no changes were required for me in the Win10 transition. Everything worked fine for me, not so for others. I had latest drivers for everything.

EDIT: Actually, get the latest ATK drivers from the Support section for the G751JY, they fix some issues liek not being able to use the camera application using Fn+V and launching ASUS Splendid with Fn+C.

4. Cleaning can be an issue. I have had it since December and no internal cleaning has been required. Cleaning the fans properly requires opening the laptop, which would technically void your warranty but I may have done this several times and I may have had it warranty serviced anyways - so I don't know how anyone could tell it's been opened. The issue is while the exterior materials feel fantastic to me (and very cool to the touch), they eat smudges up from the other side of the universe. Get a nice cleaning cloth, microfiber or otherwise.

5. Delicate? This baby can run LoL on 150+ fps easy. Screen tearing is exactly why V-Sync and G-SYNC are useful. Since you don't have G-SYNC, turn V-Sync on from the video settings.

6. Get MSI Afterburner for overclocking the GPU and Intel Extreme Tuning Utility for setting your CPU up. Add +120 to +135MHz on GPU core and around +350 on GPU memory in Afterburner imo, this works fine for me. For Intel XTU, drop CPU dynamic voltage offset and cache offset to -80mV, increase core multipliers to max for 1 and 2 cores, keep them default on 3 and 4 to start. Adjust as necessary. Bump the cache multiplier up to max as well. Maybe set time before turbo to 28 from 8. ASUS provides a custom version of XTU so obviously they recommend it. They also have GPU Tweak but it sucks and it crashes and honestly it's just a bad version of MSI Afterburner. Get rid of ASUS GameFirst III, it causes terrible connectivity issues at times.

Also, grab Notebook Fan Control. NitroX got a G751JY profile featured. It'll get your CPU fan to start cooling the CPU sooner rather than later to prevent thermal overhead and unnecessary thermal absorption by the plastics. You can easily tweak this to your own delight. I have mine quite aggressive and it shaves off 3-5 degrees off the top, temps never go above 78.

Also, if you grab HWINFO64 and use it together with MSI Afterburner, you can track your CPU/GPU/RAM usage and temps while playing games.


7. I don't get why manufacturers say 2x128. I think they mean a 256GB M.2/SATA3 SSD in 2 partitions. The 2 blocks of 128gb you see is exactly that and the 2 465gb partitions are your 1TB HDD. Easiest way to tell what you have is popping the rear cover off. This is held in by a single non-removable screw. If there's a stick-like M.2 drive in the left bay then that's what you have - a Samsung (most likely) XP941 256GB PCI-E Gen 2.0 drive and a 1TB regular HDD in the other bay. Check your memory configuration. If you have 8gb - 1 stick, 16gb - 2 sticks, 24gb - 3 sticks etc. Notice that if you have 8 or 16, you must add memory to the user-available slots over the drives for it to work in dual-channel. The other 1/2 factory sticks are hidden right under those, under the keyboard. Accessible the same way as for cleaning the fans aka not user accessible.

Also, if you right click your drives in This PC, it'll tell you what hardware they are if you don't want to open the laptop for whatever reason. (Opening just the cover for the storage drives and memory will not void your warranty and is not dangerous unless you use a hammer to clean your laptop...)

07-30-2015, 08:13 PM
Thank you so much Ed, defo going to take this on board especially the external programs you mentioned!

07-30-2015, 09:10 PM
You're welcome :)
Just a fair warning - don't start messing around with anything that asks for a reboot in XTU and you should be fine. Nothing from the options that you can set without rebooting seems to be permanent.

For me, touching the base clock (100Hz) at all crashes the system and on reboot is reverted to stock values etc. but the things I mentioned are completely safe.