View Full Version : REPORT: Noise fan/Really weird thing- GL551 JX

07-30-2015, 11:09 PM
A couple weeks ago I've bought the GL551 JX, GTX 950, i7 2.5 and it has been perfect until today. Something really weird happened. I was using my laptop and suddenly the left fan (CPU) started to use his 100% rpm and be really noisy. First I thought it was something in the fan but than I checked that is a common problem with ROG laptop. I tried every solution and the closest one to fix was the Notebook Fan Control that slowed down the fan a little bit but it didn't fixed the entire problem. He was randomly going at 100% of his rpm from time to time. Alright, with no apparently solution, it SUDDENLY STOPPED TO BE NOISY. That's right, i didn't installed anything and stopped to do the noise. I'm glad that it stopped but i'm kinda worry about it.
I've already downloaded every driver for processor management and power control to fix that problem. Do you guys have some long-term solution ? Or any specific software that i have to download. I would appreciate any help.

Thanks !!