View Full Version : Pause a Reformatted G750JS Laptop

07-31-2015, 06:39 AM
Hi guys! I own a G750JS Laptop and have decided to reformat it at around 11:30AM. 3 hours have passed, it's already 2:30PM right now and it's still at 17%. I have to catch a flight at 8PM today and had no idea that it would take more than half a day to reformat a gaming laptop. I reformatted my Macbook as well and it only took 30 minutes for the whole process.

I posted here to ask a question:

If I close my laptop and open it up again after my flight, will it resume the reformatting process? I'm worried that it might destroy the system. Looking for any ASUS Technician to help me out on this. Hoping to get a quick response on this. Thanks!