View Full Version : help please with update to 10

08-01-2015, 12:34 AM
Hi new to here been trying to update my pc to 10 since the 29th. g751jt is the laptop i have i have installed an ssd in there as main boot drive 1tb as slave. problem im getting is that upgrade will download and go thru preparing and even restart but soon as the windows 10 update bar comes up it restarts and puts me back to windows 8.1 the failed code is 80070002 which i have done some looking deleted softwaredistribution/download contents install folder but same code came up with the install i ran the windows update mr fix it utility it said it fixed it but it lied and gave me 80070002 again. does anyone know if i can just use the iso image or download it to thumbdrive and update it that way or can i do a fresh install with the iso image/thumb drive util. i am concerned about the license if i just do a fresh install without updating it. i have my windows 8.1 license from the cmd promt.

thanks in advance for any help on this issu as this is getting frustrating its failed like 10 times already.....

08-01-2015, 01:38 AM
Try using the tool here to upgrade with a usb. You need to update for the oem key.