View Full Version : SOLUTION: ASUS ROG G750JW Upgraded to Windows 10 and no network/internet connections

08-01-2015, 03:40 PM
It appears that PC's with Cisco VPN or Cisco AnyConnect (maybe other VPN applications, too) will not allow the network and WiFi adapters/drivers to properly load on Windows 10. The solution a friend of mine found for me is to uninstall any VPN application such as Cisco VPN Client or Cisco AnyConnect from Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 (I had to actually rollback to Windows 8.1). Then you should be able to upgrade to Windows 10. I also found that even after I uninstalled the Cisco AnyConnect application, that Windows 10 still had a problem with the drivers Then I found an article on tenforums.com to use the pnputil.exe -e command using Run As Administrator on the Command Prompt. Find any Cisco or Cisco Systems drivers and make a note of the OEMxx.inf file found and then delete them by typing pnputil.exe -d oemxx.inf (xx represents the number of the driver that Windows named it).

See the following forum link. I hope this solution helps people with ASUS ROG Laptops: