View Full Version : G56 Windows 10 installation error

08-01-2015, 06:07 PM
I am trying to upgrade my G56JK from W8.1 to W10, however it fails every time at stage two on around 95% (Overall progress at around 73%) and restores W8.1. I have tried running the upgrade with and without the latest Nvidia drivers, and tried uninstalling Geforce experience. I have also tried deactivating Avast.

After restoring W8.1, Windows update pops up and shows the following message: 80070004-3000D Windows update ran into a problem.

Also during the installation, a box pops up saying the touchpad drivers are being upgraded, this I have gotten after first boot in W10 on my UX31A, not during installation of Windows. Can this have anything to do with the upgrade failing?

I have searched all over the internet, but cannot find anyone with the exact same error.

Thanks in advance! :D