View Full Version : Windows 10 heating problem.

08-02-2015, 02:37 AM
I have an Asus RoG G750JM and I never had ANY overheating issue. As weird as it might sound I am getting constantly heating problems when playing CS:GO for a couple of hours. I am monitoring the GPU temperature with GPUtweak but it's really hitting the 60C+ constantly. and when it reacher a certain amount it turn off. I don't know what to do... Actually I did changed the maximum processor state to 95% on the power options. Anyone with the same problem?

P.S.: I know... new windows but I'm tired of this laptop ****. BSOD, no drivers... bla bla bla. Sorry.

08-03-2015, 11:42 PM
That's is low. I'm wondering if you're even using the hardware. I reach CPU up to 80C and GPU up to 69C.

The T you're getting are extremely low, yes extremely low. Unless you being in a room with ambient temperature of 15C I have no idea how you pulled it off but anyway kuddos to you and your low temperatures, again THAT IS VERY LOW.

That's why you don't upgrade to latest Windows the moment it comes out, no matter how great the technical preview was. Not all are eager to make the latest drivers or for game developers to optimize their games as majority is still driven on older ones. The unspoken golden rule is to wait at least 6 months before updating to latest Windows as by then any compatibility issues and crashes etc. should be solved. Not really helpful I know but try to do it by the time next os comes (if ever)