View Full Version : Windows 10 upgrade for G750JS not working

08-02-2015, 06:18 PM
So, I tried upgrading win10 - everything went smooth, until it finished.

Lockscreen (one with clock) blinks white or something like that few times (~6), then it blinks for a second with the color of the theme and it happens all the time. With each blink, cursor gets relocated and I saw some changes in the resolution, I think. With the final blink, If I wanted to log in, it jumps back to the lockscreen, not allowing to log in to windows.

It works in emergency boot with network, I tried reinstalling intel drivers and nvidia drivers to no avail. I saw on devices list that there's driver for "game controller 3w" 'missing', but it can't be found or fixed. Funny, how I managed to upgrade 2 different laptops earlier without a single issue earlier.

Edit: Okay, I had to do a clean install (restore to factory defaults). Nothing worked - I even tried disabling all the services and startup programs besides MS ones and using troubleshooting.

Now I need to get Audiowizzard back, because volume jumps up for me after I pause a movie (again).