View Full Version : Windows update error, undoing changes???? HELP!!!

08-02-2015, 11:56 PM
So i was trying to start a game and the computer wouldnt load, so I went to task manager and after that it wouldnt let me do anything.

SO I restarted the computer and it started an update, at the end it said it couldnt finish and now my screen just says undoing changes, dont turn off the computer. Its been like an hr now and its still just sitting there with the load thing going around.

How do I fix this? thanks

08-03-2015, 10:11 PM
Why don't you try going to safe mode and disable the updates. Or use system restore to restore it from a time before the error happened

08-04-2015, 01:56 AM
Did it again today, I turned off auto updates and will see if that helps. If it keeps doing it ill probably try and go back to windows 7, dont see teh point of windows 8.1 anyways