View Full Version : ROG Front Panel update and new MAXIMUS VII HERO Bios

08-03-2015, 02:15 PM
Hello, I just bought ASUS ROG Front Panel and Maximus VII Hero Motherboard.

Can someone tell me how to update Rog Front Panel so it works with HERO?

I updated my Hero bios to latest 2801 version (31.07.2015)

Now I want to update ROG Front Panel to latest version 1.01.12. But this driver is dated to 11.02.2015

Will it work with new HERO Motherboard drivers? Has anyone tested it or owns ROG Front Panel and VII Hero?

Do I still need to use USB 2.0 method to update Front Panel or you can now use it wih ROG_EXT?

Thanks for help!

08-05-2015, 08:21 PM
Installed new BIOS and I have lost the "edit" function on my ROG front base and the CPU Frequency read out no longer works

08-11-2015, 10:29 AM
To all of you that have had and still are having issues with the ASUS Front Base unit, judging by the responses I've been getting back from ASUS Tech Support it's not going to be addressed anytime soon/they couldn't be bothered.

I have explained the numerous issues I've experienced with this unit to Tech Support and have been in touch with them on numerous occasions since 01/10/2015 right up to today, 11/08/2015. The Front Base works with some MB BIOS and not with others, have had to use various/strange combinations of BIOS and firmware/software/drivers for the Front Base, I had it/got it eventually working with Win 8.1, worked fine with no issues with the numerous technical preview versions of Win 10, worked fine with the official release Win 10 until I upgraded the MB BIOS to 2801.

This is the latest reply I received from ASUS Tech Support:

Please test the Front Base on a fresh Windows 8.1 with the drivers that are available on the Official ASUS support page.

Even if the device worked previously on a Windows 10 we cannot recommend it as this product is not recognized officially at this point in time as being compatible with Windows 10.

If you feel the Front Base is not working within the official specifications on the official ASUS website I would recommend returning it to your retailer for a refund or replacement within warranty.

Best Regards,

ASUS Technical Support

No mention what so ever that we are looking into the issue or that they are working on official Win 10 support. I will never buy another ASUS product!

08-23-2015, 11:32 PM
Do I still need to use USB 2.0 method to update Front Panel or you can now use it wih ROG_EXT?

I think it's still USB 2.0 method as highlighted on this page. (http://rog.asus.com/317732014/maximus-motherboards/front-base-upgrade-guide-for-maximus-vii-motherboard-owners/)

What firmware version are you on Beny89 for the Asus Front Base?

09-12-2015, 07:01 PM
Now working for me on my Ranger VII with BIOS 2801 and ROG Front Base Driver: 1.01.15

Frozen Yogurt
09-16-2015, 05:36 PM
my rog suddenly display all 0000, it was working before, i try plug in to the usb and it display fine, then i replug on the ROG-EXT connector it all display 0000, whats happening ??? i