View Full Version : Wifi doesnt work on G56JR after updating to Windows 10

08-04-2015, 02:44 AM
Hi Guys and Masters!

I don't know if i'm on the wrong forum but i really really need you guys' help.

So I have just updated to windows 10 on my G56JR Laptop. Before updating, i felt like my laptop's gone slow lately. soooo (yes i regret it so much) I did erase all the data including the drivers (OMG!). And the next thing i know about my laptop is that it is truly plain and virgin that there is nothing to do except being thrilled.

So, because the ethernet card doesn't work, i have a USB Modem (TP Link WN722N) which can download the rest of the drivers. So far, i have downloaded all the drivers, but this wifi drivers, i have downloaded

Intel Proset/ Wireless Software v 16.5.3
Qualcomm Atheros Client Installation Program
Ralink Drivers
TP Link Drivers
(Yes i downloaded all)

And i really really need your help to solve this problem, i feel silly using this USB Modem because my Super Laptop is equipped with wifi.

Do i need to delete the TP link drivers? or what? thanks guys