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di Valenti
08-07-2015, 05:06 AM
Greetings All,

I have a G751, along with the following: ROG Gladius, ROG mouse Pad, ROG Nomad, and the Logitech 930G headset, and for backups 1TB Toshiba Ext. HD. I also have a kensington lock setup, and a Power Surge Protector with 4x USB charge ports (2 reg. 2 rapid).

I am running WIndows 8.1 (have a test ROG G71 running Windows 10 Pro atm to see how well that works with apps).

Upgrade pending some questions here - and I have read the forums for most of the information - I have the ISO for the build, and also the install app build for all versions I might need in the future for whatever device, but will be putting 10 Home on this I think as I don't see a great difference in that in Pro for what I use it for. If I am wrong I guess I can upgrade, but that is for another time.

Two sets of question for anyone that wants to chime in.

1. Besides the gear listed above - for mobile gaming (e.g. back packing it) what other items would you suggest as mandatory gear, also what software? I have the standard OS on it with apps, and have only added games - the ROG mouse is working and the G ware for the headset - I basically do Skyrim, EVE Online, War Gaming titles (WOT, WOWS) and Gaijin War Thunder.

2. With Upgrading I have pulled the Key Code, and as above I am all set to do the upgrade - I am not clear though on how the ROG apps and other software that ASUS has put in will be returned if I need them - I have downloaded all the software and drivers on the ROG site for the system but some of the apps are not included, some are.

If I upgrade - to lock in the code and all - then clean install, how bad of a bit of work is it to get it all back in place for F9 recovery and all - e.g. the image that is in windows 8.1 currently and on the system - I have a feeling that what will be the case is that I get an image that is totally clean and then every time I have to manually put everything else on again if I upgrade and then clean.

Does this pose a problem? or is it just a point of more work - work I can handle if need be, issues cropping up all over and missing apps and all might be a postpone until there is a Windows 10 image out there -- unless there is one and I missed it.

Anyway, Thanks, and hope to get some good insight here for finishing off my mobile gaming and CGI work system setup.

08-07-2015, 08:07 AM
Hey, Di Valenti

It sounds like you've got a pretty good set up there! In response to your questions:

1: Since the G751 is pretty well equipped and you've got a good mouse and a good bag to carry your beastie around in, I'd say that's just about all you need. If you don't already, make sure you get a good pad for your mouse though - that can make a world of a difference when gaming. In terms of software, I can't say that I use any specific gaming software other than Steam and Origin to download and play games - but if you're interested in overclocking and tinkering with your system I'm sure that there will be others on here with suggestions.

2: I upgraded to Windows 10 last week and it went very smoothly indeed; all you need to do is download the ATK package and the ROG Macrokey drivers from the Windows 10 section of the download area. The rest of the apps that you need can be found in the Windows 8.1 section and work fine with Windows 10.

Once you've upgraded, it should effectively be like a fresh install of Windows 10 if all goes smoothly, so all you should really need to do is to removethe Windows.old folder (which will be your 'old' 8.1 install), update those drivers and you should be done. If you really want a completely 'clean' install, you could always use the reset function in Windows 10 and choose not to keep your old files and software and it will then restore everything back to scratch but keep your drivers intact. Then you could use that external hard drive to create a system image using the Windows 7 backup or use Macrium backup and restore it using that image if anything goes wrong in future.

Basically, there's lots of options! Also bear in mind that once you upgrade to Windows 10, you can get rid of that 15Gb recovery partition on your drive, which will be a pointless waste of space.