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08-07-2015, 07:31 AM
I red some topics and articles that g751 laptops are easy to get dirt,dust or oil and its difficult to clean. Any advise how to remove dirt and grease from your g751? I need your expertice guys:)

08-07-2015, 08:11 AM
i use a micro fiber a bit wet for my G751, never use chemical products on the screen ( like products for cleaning windows), but water is the best option. Or you can buy a dedicated cleaning product for laptops but even that i don't always trust

di Valenti
08-07-2015, 09:29 AM
I have found on mine - that I use a soft micro cloth - and water - and if it has oil or something on it - isopropyl alcohol, just a little dribbled on the moist micro and gently clean the area, or do a light wipe down... That takes care of anything and doesn't damage anything and it will also help evaporate any moisture faster leaving a clean and grease free (lets face it skin oil is an issue) free finish.

Then inside you can blow out, but also I suggest you keep an eye on the side ports and the DVD and mem slots, etc... it seems that they can act as air-intakes and if there is any dust or such around it can start to build up in these - so a Q-tip again with water or isopropyl will clean these nicely.

Finally, if you travel or close your cover - I would suggest you keep a something (I use a sheet of foam from the box it's thin, light and doesn't move around) as a LCD protector from the keyboard when it's closed - especially if you put it in a backpack or such where there is compression on the system and where it would push the keyboard against the LCD - this will keep it looking perfect and protected from scratching, etc.

08-07-2015, 09:49 AM
Don't clean your G751. Cleanliness is not an advertised feature and it is not supported.

You should buy the new G751 model which has the ability to become clean, thus increasing gameplay smoothness
by matching your screen's cleanliness rate to that of a normal person's computer, eliminating light tearing and dust. No, it does not matter that you bought your laptop 3-4 months ago and that your laptop supposedly supports G-CLEAN by hardware and does not need any cleaning modules or special software to work as proven by someone who actually managed to use a hacked microfiber cleaning cloth several months ago to actually clean their machine.


Jokes aside, I couldn't support di Valenti's suggestion more. High-concentration (90%+) Isopropyl Alcohol is fantastic for cleaning ANYTHING I've found that is computer related. If it's good enough to clean a CPU/GPU die from thermal paste without filling the microfractures with oils - then it's good enough for me. Just be mindful of where you ask for it. If you go to the UK and ask for Isopropyl they'll tell you they don't carry any because apparently people bought it to get drunk off it...

di Valenti
08-07-2015, 10:32 AM
Just be mindful of where you ask for it. If you go to the UK and ask for Isopropyl they'll tell you they don't carry any because apparently people bought it to get drunk off it...

Well that will cause you to go blind... so don't drink it. In the US the best place is to go to a Walmart (I know, I know) or such and look in the first aide section - you should find it there as a bottle and fairly cheap - couple bucks for a 16oz. bottle that will last you a while (the 91%, not the 50% which is rubbing for massage) - mine is 1/3 full and have had it over a year - I clean things periodically - not every day, but you don't need a lot and it works very nicely, no scrubbing needed, just light swab action if it's a really bad oil spot.

Also if you cut yourself or need to setup an IV, or vaccinate yourself, etc... you're all set... same stuff the doctor uses... so clean the PC and do some exploratory self-surgery if you care to... just use a mirror, since the G751 screen is matt and doesn't reflect well.


08-07-2015, 10:57 AM
How about other parts of the laptop. The one below the keyboards where your arm rest? They said it is easily absorb sweat and oil and its difficult to clean

di Valenti
08-07-2015, 08:15 PM
How about other parts of the laptop. The one below the keyboards where your arm rest? They said it is easily absorb sweat and oil and its difficult to clean

Hi, sorry I should have been more precise - you can clean the whole laptop that way.

That I do with everything on my PC table or before I pack it up in the backpack is this:

1. I get out the micro cloth, and put it in water until it's soaked (this cleans it out if any dust or oils, etc. - you should periodically wash it just with water) then I ring all the water out so it's only the least possible damp, and then I put just a tiny bit of isopropyl alcohol on that - then that is ready to go.

2. I unplug the system and remove all the items for total cleaning or for a spot I generally just turn it off.

3. I clean the entire system body, by just gently working it over the surface. There three is oil you may have to add more alcohol, and clean it a few times over - the important thing on the matt (rubber like) sections is NOT to rub it hard, that will work it off over time - the oils will lift off with the gentle cleaning action of just lightly rubbing it with the cloth.

4 I clean the ports with a Q-tip and then I use the micro cloth to wipe the plugs and then plug things back in - you will see that anything plugged in for a while will have a kind of ring of dust around the plug (USB are really obvious here) where the dust has gathered around it where the port metal doesn't cover - it's good to keep the ports clean.

Keyboard is the same - the matt area will take the most oil from your palms and arms - but don't worry, it will come right off with the above method and just gentle work - I spot clean mine once a night or if I am sweating a lot (in Florida it's hot) but so far with three months owned I see no change in the rubber matt finish and it's as clean as when I got it.

I will say this - the initial "rough" feeling does go away, it feels smoother to the touch, but it doesn't look any different - what this is the high points of the matt finish are being knocked down and the over all leveling is what you are feeling - it's not coming off... unless you scrub at it or rub it too hard in which case it will eventually come loose or mar up.

Just remember that gentle is the key, and that the alcohol will evaporate so don't worry if it feels like you have too much moisture (make sure you ring it out which is obvious) it will take the oil off any part of the machine and leave it dry in a min or two like a spotless car wash (which is basically what is in that stuff.

kk, hope that helps - I should make a video of that but I don't at the moment have a VBlog cam.


If you are really worried about it you can always use an external KB, but I haven't done so and I haven't had any issued with this - even the system stickers are in mint condition still on the KB cover.

Hope that cleared that up (no pun intended...lol).

08-07-2015, 11:01 PM
Throw inside the water and dry it under the sun [emoji23], I only use the micro fiber and few drop water to clean it. [emoji4]

08-08-2015, 10:19 AM
Thanks for the answers guys! That really helps a lot.

08-08-2015, 12:36 PM
Whaatever you do don't use ANY CHEMICALS.
I owned a Toshiba laptop and Cleaned the screen using Dish soap and it completely ruined my display's backlight.

You may even send it to Asus so they clean it but I haven't tried that.