View Full Version : G750JX SD Card reader not functioning after Win 10 update.

08-08-2015, 09:16 PM
So My My windows 10 upgrade went almost flawlessly, until automatic win 10 updates. Now all of the sudden there are two items
showing up in device manager with no driver, which I assume are related to the sd card reader. "PCI simple communications controller"
and "SM Bus Controller". I checked the driver page for g750jx win 10 x64 and there is nothing there i can see related to that kind of driver.
I also can't figure out how to flash the new bios, The Winflash utility claims I have a newer version of bios installed than the one I
downloaded from the driver page, and I'm having the same 0.77 mhz problem when unplugged that other users have had. As i keep mine
plugged in with the A/C adapter nearly at all times, this isn't such a huge deal to me, but I would like to figure out how to get my SD card
reader working again if anyone knows where I can find a driver or has ideas where to go from here?

08-08-2015, 11:07 PM
get the Win 8.1 drivers from the asus support website. That'll solve the problem.
If I remember correctly, you need to download 1) chipset drivers, 2) Intel management engine interface, and 3) ATK drivers (this one is under the Windows 10 option)

To flash new BIOS, do it from the BIOS itself (go crazy on the ESC key after you restart the computer - if you see the ASUS logo it's too late). This will offer BIOS option. Within BIOS, there is a Flash feature. Make sure you're 60% battery and plugged in.

08-09-2015, 02:42 AM
Okay thanks, yeah that makes since. I know how to get to the bios, just didn't realize I could update from there. I don't know why windows updates always seem to screw up drivers that were already working fine.