View Full Version : Stress Test: OpenCL Runtime error

08-09-2015, 11:57 PM
I've been running a single cycle of benchmark test after each change I make and during those benchmark tests, I had no issue with the OpenCL test.

Now that I've decided to stop at my current settings, I tried to run the Stress Test. (1 hour to start, up to 8gb ram)

Soon after the start, OpenCL gives a RUNTIME: No OpenCL device selected or available message.

I do NOT have a gpu in it...using integrated graphics.

Is this a sign of instability? Or other? Should I back my OC down? (I'm at 46, regular LLC, offset -0.025)

Or should I just revert to benchmark test and run multiple cycles?

Win 7 SP1
RealBench is on my D drive and I did enable a pagefile on that drive
8gb RAM and I selected "Up to 8gb" for the stress test

Any suggestions?