View Full Version : G751JY problems!!

08-11-2015, 07:01 AM
FN + F3\F4 does not work. The keyboard light cannot be turned off.
FN + F9 does not work to disable touchpad! So I am not able to turn it off. (Very annoying when playing CS:GO)
The laptop gets blackscreen everytime I start up ! I have to shut it down usually 3-4 times before it will start up correctly, just so insanely annoying when you purchase a very expensive laptop.

Also the speakers is horrible. Only front speakers works?

G751JY T7103H, Windows 10

08-11-2015, 02:23 PM
Since you've updated to Windows 10, you'll need to download the Windows 10 ATK package from the Asus website to fix this:


Also, grab the Macrokey one while you're at it: