View Full Version : G750JZ GPU Fan makes pop/creak noise at spin up

08-12-2015, 08:44 AM
I don't remember this being a thing when I bought it, but my G750JZ GPU fan makes this kind of pop/creak noise when it activates. Does anyone else have this problem? I have a program set to run using the GTX880M so anytime I open that program it makes the noise as it powers on. Once it is on, it's very silent, unlike the CPU fan.

I Just got my laptop back from RMA today for a dead pixel and I wrote on the sheet they told me to print and send with the laptop and asked them to also check out the GPU fan and they didn't. I don't even know why they told me to print out the sheet if they weren't going to look at it.

I had a video of it making the noise on the laptop but they wiped it clean when they sent it back to me so I no longer have it. I'll make another one later in case no one else has this problem. I just spent $90 shipping this laptop to them and it bugs me that they didn't call me at all to verify what I wrote on the sheet before sending it back. -____-

ALSO: This damn CPU fan is on all the fking time, even at idle. It's not at 100% but it isn't whisper quiet, it's so fking annoying. Why would the CPU fan be on if the computer has no open programs and has a CPU Utilization of 2% and a CPU temp of 43C? I'm on balanced power plan using Intel ETU to reduce my voltages and the CPU fan is still on. If a $200 laptop can make ZERO noise, why the hell can't this laptop do the same if it's idle? It's even a fresh windows 10 install with no programs except what comes with the laptop. I even removed Power4Gear.