View Full Version : How to Dual Boot Win 7 + 10 on G750jx?

08-14-2015, 05:14 PM
Hey all

I've had my JX for about 2 years now. It's been really great to me in both work and gaming. Especially work, I've edited hundreds of videos on it.

I think it's time to reinstall the OS, add an SSD, and follow up with a repaste. I have a TB71, so it only came with a 750gb HDD. It also has the extra component to hold a second drive.

I think my ideal setup will be a dual boot option for Win 7/10. Win 7 for gaming + easy access to older work programs, Win 10 for everything else and new.

Here is what I am thinking.

a) Add 500gb SSD. Partition in half, install Win 7 + Win 8 (then update Win 8 to Win 10 for free).
b) Partition 750gb HDD in half, dedicate one half to each OS.

Am I over thinking/complicating this? I'm only vaguely familiar with partitioning drives, so I am worried I will screw something up. From what I understand I can also change the partition sizes in the future with ease if desired.

I'm green to this, so advice and favorite guide links are appreciated.

For simplicity's sake I could also give the Win 10 partition 80% of the space, 20% to Win 7 (so OS only), and then give Win 7 access to the entire HDD. Win 7 will still be my go to OS so this makes at least as much sense for my needs.

08-14-2015, 09:26 PM
I would think about waiting a little and going for the full windows 10 upgrade.

Not only will you benefit from Direct X 12 but it is proven that windows 8 and 10 is quicker for gaming and will be supported longer for future proof.

I don't know of any reason to be stuck on windows 7 now that 10 has arrived other than maybe hanging around for a few more months just for driver issues to be cleaned up if your worried about that kind of stuff.

08-14-2015, 11:01 PM
I need Win7 for a while to edit certain video projects in Adobe CS5 and CS6. These work perfect on Win 7. Given Adobe's switch to CC, I'm not confident in their future updates to these programs. Especially CS5 (I'm not even sure they are updating this anymore).

I also run Dolphin on Win 7, and some older pc games. So I like keeping it around =)

However, you have a point about waiting a little for Win 10 updates and bugs. I may just install Win7 on the SSD, and keep the drive otherwise empty until I need to install Win8/10.

08-15-2015, 08:20 AM
You could always just delete the win 7 partition and extend the windows 10 one when you feel the need to remove 7. I don't think windows 7 has the ability to resize its own partition or maybe just extend. Its been a while since I used 7. http://blog.laptopmag.com/dual-boot-windows-10-preview