View Full Version : ASUS G75VX with dual ASUS VG248QE monitors WILL IT RUN BOTH AT 144???

08-15-2015, 10:49 PM
>I want to buy another ASUS monitor, I have (1) ASUS VG248QE monitor. Would want to buy another but only if it will:>
>Run both monitors at 144 and also run 3d Nividia as well, or do I have to stay with one monitor?>
>I have the ASUS G75VX laptop. >

>*There is only 1 hdmi and vga option to add another monitor the last port is for the existing monitor which is the dvi link??? >
>I imagine I have to buy a monitor adapter for the monitor to use the dvi link in order to get all I listed.>

>So here is the question.>

>Simply I want to have dual 144 and 3d with the laptop and monitors I have listed.> Will it work?

>Thank you!!!>

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