View Full Version : Spilled Water on Keyboard

08-18-2015, 05:26 AM
A few weeks I was dumb and spilled water on my laptop, everthing works fine but I have some stuck keys. I can't really send this in to get repaired since I need the laptop daily and a usb keyboard works. I tried a replacing the keyboard which probably screwed my warranty since I couldn't find one with the frame and everything, so I needed to remove the old keyboard from the frame and added an replacement. I still have the same issue. Attached to the keyboard is a plastic sheet with some traces on it which I though would be included with the keyboard, but it looks to be different. I assume there is something wrong with that but I tried cleaning that and it still is the same problem. What is that called and is it possible to replace that, my next choice to it buy a while keyboard frame which looks to be $200 dollars which I'd rather not do if I can just fix this one.

Thanks for any help