View Full Version : Terrible echo with headset mic on my GL551 JW-DS71

08-19-2015, 08:10 PM
First off, I know for a fact that it's not my headset that's the issue here. I've used it on other devices without a problem and the record quality is good

The headset had separate cords for the mic and the headphones so I have to use an 3.5mm splitter adaptor, adaptor works fine. When I first used the headset/adaptor combo I couldn't get the mic to work but the headphones worked. I looked around online and apparently there's issues with the built in duel mic/headphone 3.5mm port but that apparently only goes for microphones and headsets are fine. The headset doesn't show up anywhere in the control panel, and I only got the headset to work by going into the Realtek control panel and manually setting the options to "headset." I fiddled with the options for a while but couldn't get rid of the awful echo, the mic is also very quiet and even when set to the highest settings it barely pick up my voice. On other devices I have to turn the volume way down, so that's weird.

Is it possibly because of the splitter adaptor? Maybe an usb one would be better? Since the 3.5mm port seems to have an issue on these laptops. Or is there another way to enable my microphone without going through the Realtek control panel?