View Full Version : G75 VW Sound Issues, Thanks to the Windows 10 Upgrade.

08-19-2015, 10:26 PM
Just checked the NVIDIA website on this, so apparently it's an Asus-ish problem. Got hte upgrade to windows 10, but now the loudspeakers on my G75vw no longer work as they should. Subwoofer isn't, well subwoofing. Nor are any of the sound output devices are as loud as they once were. I open up Playback Devices in the sound settings and NVIDIA HADMI Output in Ports 0 and 1 are "Not Plugged In. I run pretty much all NVIDIA hardware in this thing as standard. It's a GTX660M soundcard if you need to know that. I can't set them as my default devices because they aren't plugged in, if all I need to do is "plug them back in", how do I go about getting my speakers working as they should?

Also, to change the output from the basic speakers to headphones. I have to switch either or as the output device manually... Bit annoying...

Any advice?

08-21-2015, 07:20 PM
David first off the NVidia HD Sound is for DVD etc. has nothing to do with normal sound functions. Your Sound system is VIA and you'll have to find a driver version that works.
Next off the subwoofer has never been a sub woofer. All the VIA drivers beyond the .600 on identify this speaker as a base speaker All sound is played through Base speaker.
Asus is not supporting the G75VW for windows 10. So if you want to use 10 you will have to sort out the driver problems yourself. There are several threads started by others that have upgraded to 10 you have to read those and just keep an eye out for other that find solutions or work around. Please post any solutions or work around you find for the rest of us.