View Full Version : GL551JW Webcam missing from device manager

08-22-2015, 06:10 PM
Hi, I bought my GL551JW about 3 months back, but never thought to use the webcam until a few days ago. I noticed that skype did not recognize a webcam nor did my mic work. I checked the device manager and there is no "imaging device" listed there. I've looked at previous discussions about this for other ROG models (resetting BIOS to default settings, scanning for hardware changes in device manager, downloading/installing drivers, etc) but nothing has helped unfortunately so I assume it is a hardware problem. I assume the webcam and mic are part of one unit which is why both are not working. I was thinking it might be a loose connection and I could try to fix it myself, but I'm not exactly sure how to disassemble the laptop other than to access the RAM and HDD on the bottom of the laptop. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.