View Full Version : GL771JW My notice about: Windows 7, lag spikes during gaming

08-24-2015, 09:09 AM
i have bought my GL771JW in June. Now i want to tell others some things, maybe they could be helpful.
Finally i’m happy with my choic but somewhat disappointed that Asus does not support Windows 7 Drivers on their Product Page. For people who dont like Win8.1 the good news is that many of the drivers they offer, are Win64 platform drivers even suitable for Win7.
With some additional driver search it is no problem to operate the GL771JW under Win7.
I do so now for the last three or four weeks.

The second thing i want to mention is that with a removed battery, i‘ve observed some creepy lagging while gaming, which is caused by the nvidia GTX 960M. It cost me some time to find out that the removed battery is the reason for this heavy throtteling to 135 MHz which occurs occasional. See GPU-Z Logfile attached. The PerfCap Reason Code No. 16 is a power related one. Maybe at peak load the external psu does not deliver enough power to ‚feed the beast‘ and per design the battery hast o contribute some energy.
The message ist that with the battery inserted, no more lags occur while playing games.

regards, Michael

BTW.: Why are there different labels for this NB: G771 and GL771 (..here in Germany)?