View Full Version : WINDOWS 10-64 Bist (SB_XFi2_V10_R11_VistaWin7)

08-24-2015, 11:21 AM
Hello is that my mother is old Asus Crosshair Formula V. I want to know if you will use a Soundblaster THX SB_XFi2_V10_R11_VistaWin7 Software in Windows 10 wonder why more and had a problem with this Windows 10 ..
The other problem is that I have the Asus GTX 580 and 3 unique drivers for Windows 10 64 bit me malfunctioning jumping sale driver pantaya stopped working and recovered the only Dryver recommended according to what I read is the 347.88 Thin now I have no problems playing BF3 and BF4 The question is can I have problems using an old Windows 10 driver think? thanks for answering