View Full Version : Weird Screen on startup - G751T, now can't install new nvidia Geforce Win10 driver?

08-25-2015, 03:00 PM
My G751T often times shows a weird screen on startup then starts up normally. The screen it shows kinda of looks like static on a TV screen. I did not try to replace it beacsue it worked fine after and it would be too much of a hassle. But now i cannot install the new nvidia Geforce windows 10 driver as it says it cant find the compatible hardware.

Could these two problems be realted and should i call in the warranty for the laptop ?

Thank you,

08-25-2015, 05:06 PM
1. About the weird start-up-screen -> :mad:.... SEARCH THE FORUM !!!!!!!!
2. about drivers, and technical problems in general.... how do you expect ppl to help you if you don't write the driver version, its releaser ( asus/nvidia/moded from forum X ), links, release dates, how to tried to install it ( with/without admin privileges, what exe have you ran ?), what type of win 10 you got ( home/pro/ent' ), have you made a clean install of win 10 ...etc...etc..etc.....

ppl might want to help you, once you've given them data.... the more data you write -> the more help you'll get -> the sooner you'll solve the problem.

I'm sorry if what I write here might sound a bit personal, cuz its not...:rolleyes: - but multiple new users, in the last few months just open up thread, without meaningful titles, and write mainly about their feelings and what they see during day-to-day work on the pc.... PPL ! computer's support is science, and science needs data inorder to get solutions work !