View Full Version : G75 bad hard drive bay?

08-25-2015, 06:42 PM
Greetings all,

So the problem I have I never expected at all. I came home last night to find my laptop off. Puzzled, I booted it back up and it basically said it couldn't find my disk. So I booted off my terabyte and now I'm stuck with Windows 7. I had never heard of an SSD dying, so I rebooted to see if it could be detected in the bios. Nothing.

I then put the SSD in the other hard drive slot, and suddenly my drive was detected again! Unfortunately, the MBR is located on my terabyte (don't remember why I set it up this way) so I couldn't boot the Windows partition anyway. To test out the hard drive slot, I put the terabyte in the slot I originally had the SSD in. Sure enough, the terabyte wasn't detected this time.

So is there any way to fix something like this, aside from replacing the motherboard? My unit is far out of warranty.