View Full Version : Is this G751JY-T7209H a G-SYNC laptop?

08-27-2015, 03:17 PM

I currently have the G75VW, but looking to upgrade, the successor to G751JY is not around the corner is it?

Anyway, I have a hard time figuring out which laptops have the Nvidia G-Sync tech, I'm looking at this one in particular:

But how do I know for certain if it has it or not?

Thanks in advance,
Sorry English not my native tongue.

08-27-2015, 03:43 PM
Unless the merchant is messing up devices with G-Sync will be clearly labeled as having it.

It will be on the product packaging and there will be a sticker on the device itself. As well G-Sync will be part of the product name i.e. "G751JY G‑SYNC" vs. "G751JY".

There should be no confusion with devices that have G-Sync.