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08-30-2015, 01:32 PM
hell o

I just upgraded my system to windows 10 /10 time worst than 7 i presume that was the idea for nubmer 10/
My audiowizard was firstly unusable it shows the message that audio is set to 0 channels, then i read aubout uninstalling it and reinstall the original one from esupport folder on my hard drive. /i read it here on your bulletin/ I did that only to find out that audiowizard is gone completely.
I've tryied to find the software but its not available from asus support web site. I dont understand why these times its so hard to make things easy, instead of giving ppl lots of question just give us direct link to the software. What is eaven more funny i cant find that software when searching for the drivers throughout Your support website there is so maxxaudio or rog audiowizard or even asus manager which i found out may contain the thing i am looking for. Guys think but not too much, don't complicate simple things to look it more bizarre or professional. Professional is simplicity.
Waiting for sollution for the problem and i hope for the direct link to that maxxaudio or audiowizard.

Kind Regards

Matthew Bunn
09-03-2015, 04:56 AM
Yeah, I'm have the same exact problem, I'm getting this message. http://i.imgur.com/UvCuUvz.jpg
The only difference between me and the guy in the original post is that I haven't uninstalled the program. If there is a fix for this problem then I would like to know about it. Also if it was replaced by another program, or if there is some software that is similar and will do the same functions as AudioWizard, I would like to know about it.