View Full Version : Cannot install Windows on blank G75VW

08-30-2015, 03:07 PM
I had previously been using Linux on my G75VW, but the time has come to sell it, so I want to install Windows on it.

One problem: I can't.

But that isn't relevant. For the purposes of this post, pretend I have fresh, new, formatted drives, and I want to install Windows. Preferably on the SSD, but at this point, I'd even be happy if I could install it on the HDD.

Right now I have a G75VW (that had Windows 7 pre-installed) with the stock 750GB HDD and an aftermarket 120GB SSD, both of which have been formatted, and neither of which have the recovery partition. I also have a Windows 7 installation disk and a set of AI Recovery Burner recovery disks (that were created when the laptop only had the HDD installed).

I cannot boot from the Windows 7 installation disk.

I have tried running the recovery disks on the SSD and on the HDD.

Here's what my SSD looked like after running the recovery disks on it ("screenshot" from Gparted Live):


Here's what my HDD looked like after running the recovery disks on it ("screenshot" from Gparted Live):


In neither of these setups is the SSD/HDD recognized as a bootable drive. I also cannot do F9 recovery in either of these setups.


08-31-2015, 07:33 AM
You have to embed the Intel usb3 drivers on the usb win7 installation media for that to work properly. Or if you have a dvd-rom you can burn the win7 iso on a dvd and use that instead.

It may be possible to get your recovery working. Make sure the boot flag is set for your OS partition on your ssd and select that as boot device in bios. See how that works.

09-01-2015, 03:59 AM
http://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?28758-GUIDE-G55-G75-Upgrade-Notes&country=&status=, your system came UEFI with disk initiated GPT you will need to clean install UEFI. That's a long read I linked you too but its put together of many threads and cover just about any install you want to make.