View Full Version : [G750JZ] Not a Driver Issue - Subwoofer Not Working

08-30-2015, 11:33 PM
Got myself a G750JZ last June in Japan. Been pretty happy with it, until earlier this year when the bass would suddenly disappear randomly. Music, games, etc. sounded tinny. I am tech literate enough to troubleshoot software and driver problems myself, and I can guarantee that I have installed the correct drivers, even though I upgraded to Windows 8.1 Pro instead of the Windows 8.1 Home that the laptop was shipped with. So it is not a software problem.

Another clue that points to this being a hardware problem is how "percussive troubleshooting" - knocking lightly on the laptop - actually works to solve the problem momentarily. Another way is to artificially introduce shock/vibration by suddenly raising the volume. The bass would return, and then go away again minutes later.

Nearing the end of the warranty period, I explained all this to the support center and asked them to look inside the laptop to see if there are loose contacts or anything that might have caused this problem. They insisted that they had to do a system restore to repair, to which I begrudgingly acquiesced, even though I was pretty sure it was 100% a hardware problem.

It took them more than three weeks to "look into" my laptop before I called them to ask about the progress. They said they had "installed the drivers, and played some music file, and the subwoofer is working!" and were ready to return it to me. I asked them if they looked inside the laptop, and they didn't. Naturally, having explained that the problem did not occur consistently numerous times before, I was pretty pissed off at their solution of testing a CD and calling it fixed. But their vehement refusal to believe that anything can go wrong other than the software led me to just accept the return of my laptop, with all my personal data wiped away.

The laptop has returned to me, and the problem is as present as ever. The warranty period has ended too, although truth be told I don't feel like sending it to ASUS for service again even if I could. The support was abysmal, and they watered down my detailed description of my problem into "speakers don't work".

TL;DR: My question: Has anyone had this problem? Would you advise disassembling and looking into the laptop myself now that the warranty period is over, and does anyone know how to fix the Bass-Eye subwoofer?

Santtos Alexander Luchian
09-02-2015, 07:21 PM
yeap, I have too this problem and like you said is not a driver problem. anyway, I found a solution, unplug the power cord for 2,3 second and the subwoofer will work :) then plug the power cord.
for me work perfect till the next restart when I need to make the same trick