View Full Version : BIOS 209 makes my g751JY Laptop randomly shut down

09-01-2015, 07:36 PM
I have a g751JY and I decided to be up to date so I installed the new 209 bios.Ever since whenever I go away from the computer for like 10 minutes it shuts down.I haven't caught it in the act yet but it feels like there's a ghost in the new bios.I checked my power options I do not have sleep or even turn the screen off after enabled.It has got to be the bios since it's the only thing that I've changed to my system in the past few days.Anyone else have these issues?

09-01-2015, 07:52 PM
Put back bios as 208. If you do, return it!

09-01-2015, 08:12 PM
what does your windows event log say about those shutdown occurrences

09-02-2015, 06:01 AM
Ive had the same thing happen to me twice, just left it in desktop, no aplications running, went for soda and after 1 minute it was shut down!

09-02-2015, 08:01 AM
G751JY (209) here, Win 8.1.
No shutdown problems. Mine works smoothly.

09-02-2015, 08:12 AM
G751JY here with BIOS 209 and Windows 10 PRO, no problem, this night let PC on, in the morning it was still on. Check your windows event.

09-02-2015, 11:06 AM
Already completed the 209 upgrade to all 32 office g751s and not a single problem.

09-02-2015, 01:39 PM
what improvements is 209 supposed to bring?

09-02-2015, 02:24 PM
what improvements is 209 supposed to bring?
Asus did not supply detailed change log related to BIOS.