View Full Version : 4K Display SRGB and AdobeRGB, anyone tested/used GS501JW for photo editing?

09-02-2015, 02:07 AM
I'm interested in the G501 as an photo editing/gaming laptop. The games I play are WOW and Diablo 3.
The most important thing, for me as a photographer is the display and 4K sounds nice for photo editing. But I need a display that has as close to a 100% SRGB color gamut, as possible.
99% AdobeRGB would be even better but there are very few/no 15,6inch affordable laptops that have a 99% AdobeRGB color gamut. So SRGB will do.
Has anyone tested/used the GS501JW for photo editing and maybe even calibrated the screen? Would be nice to know, what the 4k display is capable of.


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09-06-2015, 01:11 AM
i've been looking at the G501 and other similar classed devices, for many of the same reasons as you. one thing that is really compelling/necessary for me is the matte screen. that said, the take-away, based on what i've found is that the G501 is a mixed bag.

4K/UHD G501 w/ Samsung SDC324C LTN156FL02-101 panel

- NBC's review of the 4K G501 suggests the display is pretty much CRAP for any pro graphics work.
"Color coverage is standard for an IPS display at a measured 47 percent and 67 percent of the AdobeRGB and sRGB spectra, respectively."

- Dave2D's video review of the UHD G501 suggests colour gamut is not actually as bad as that: 96% sRGB and 74% AdobeRGB

FHD G501 w/ Samsung SDC324C 156HL01-102 panel

- NBC's review of the FHD G501 is much more promising:
"Our test model completely covers the sRGB space and 71% of AdobeRGB. These are the highest values among similar notebooks. However, these values are only relevant for professional graphics editors."

- while LTM's review of the FHD G501 has different numbers: 94% sRGB, 69% NTSC, 74% AdobeRGB
"The screen is accurate enough for gaming and other applications which don’t place high importance on exact colors. We rate it as adequate."