View Full Version : Only one RAM slot on G53JW-sz154v ?

09-03-2015, 04:05 PM
OK, so I got an used Asus G53jw (sz154v) for dirt cheap from a friend of mine, since it had a broken HDD and few other minor issues I knew I could fix myself. The thing also had only 4GB of DDR3 RAM installed, which I decided to upgrade to 8.

After hunting down the new components and learning how to disassemble this monstrosity (a lot more demanding process than with my old G60VX !), I was hit with an unexpected problem: the secondary SO-DIMM slot is nowhere to found!

I took off the bottom cover, and there seems to be only 1 slot, which is naturally already occupied by the default 4GB stick.
I removed the keyboard and touchpad, and took a peek under the black piece of plastic, but there's absolutely no SO-DIMM slots, just couple tiny lumps of tin where I guess the thing SHOULD BE located (the placement fit the overall shape of the RAM stick).

So have I got this correct: this mysterious version of G53JW has only ONE RAM slot, maximum memory of 8GB, but only way to upgrade is to get a single 8GB stick that costs a fortune??

09-04-2015, 08:03 PM
There's only 2, one on the bottom and one under the keyboard the opposite side of the black cover. You have to take off the top to access it.



BTW this is the best buy version everyone complained about.