View Full Version : How to set up a Windows/Linux Lite dual-boot , UEFI fully enabled, on an Asus G750JS

09-05-2015, 07:04 PM
For anyone interested, I have posted a tutorial on how to set up a UEFI enabled dual-boot for
Windows 8.1 / Linux Lite 2.4, running on an Asus G750JS. The link for this is the Linux Lite forums and can be found at
the following link:


Linux Lite is a great Linux distribution, extremely user-friendly for folk moving over from a Windows OS environment -
it's a very light, fast and adaptable OS. It also benefits from having a very friendly and helpful online community linked
to it's forum, with expert advice for any questions you may have using this OS. Definitely worth a try...

Good luck with setting-up the above UEFI dual boot and enjoy, though I think you could use it equally well for either Win 7 or Win 10 or for Linux Lite releases other than version 2.4 (2.6 is the latest). As with all Linux distributions, Linux Lite is available free as an 'iso' file download which you can get from https://www.linuxliteos.com/download.html