View Full Version : Asus g550jk gpu tweak

09-06-2015, 10:53 AM
Hello every1!

I have bought this pc about 1 month ago. And I tried to understand this GPU Tweak software- how does it work or what does it do when it works. But i really got no idea about it. I tried to research but i couldnt see what i learnt on the internet on my pc. The guides on videos-- they were able to change their fan rates or the things. But i am not able to do it. Can someone please tell me how to use it with details? And pc is some heating when i play Age of Mythology on Power4Gear High Performance for one-hour game.Is it normal?

09-06-2015, 05:02 PM
All it does is bump up the core clock. In my case using a 880M, the core is bumped up from the default of 954MHz to 984MHz (a 30MHz overclock), while the memory clock remains the same at 5000MHz. If you want to see what effect GPU Tweak has on your 850M, install GPU-Z and check the current clock speed in the "GPU Clock" field. If you want to truly overclock your card and have the ability to create fan profiles, use MSI Afterburner instead. You should be able to add an additional 200MHz or so to the memory clock, and an additional 115MHz or so to the core clock (both approximations dependent on the capabilities of your particular card).