View Full Version : Help with laptop touchpad: ROG-gl551jw-ds71

09-06-2015, 09:06 PM
Hey guys i just bought the ROG-gl551jw-ds71 (upgraded it to windows 10) i'm happy with it except for one thing, the touchpad.

It's hard to move the cursor (even after increasing sensitivity, my old laptop's touchpad was so much smoother), and sometimes when i try to click left click while moving the cursor around it will right click instead. Part of that may be because the rog laptop doesn't have physical and separate left and right buttons which i'm use to

Not only that, but with my old HP laptop i was able to zoom in and out just by moving my two fingers in and out (i think it's called pinching) but that doesn't work with this new laptop..

I'm forced to bring my finger over to the home / end button to zoom and I can't figure out if theres any way to enable a pinching zoom on the touchpad.

If anyone could help provide a solution to any of these problems i would really appreciate it, it's extremely hard to game and i already tried exploring the mouse and asus touchpad settings and i haven't figured out how to fix either of them.

Not being able to zoom in and out by pinching the touchpad is the main thing i would like to figure out so if anyone knows please help, thanks in advance

PS some of you might suggest using an actual mouse instead, but i'm really not comfortable with a mouse

09-21-2015, 11:57 AM
there is updated driver for keyboard and touch screen in the gl551 download page