View Full Version : G750JH Cooler broken?

09-07-2015, 07:35 PM
After turning yesterday my g750JH on, suddenly it started to get loud. I thought it's because of the Dust so i opened it and cleaned it with air pressure.
But somehow it still remains loud. It's only the right cooler. So is it broken? Or what's wrong wih it?

09-08-2015, 07:13 AM
Did you take the fan out and blew off the dust inside the rotor?

Mine used to make a noise so loud that I thought I forgot the pc on, but I took the fan out and cleaned it with izopropil alcohol. After I applied some silicon grease (not for fans/electronics, but for 6 months works like a charm) - not too much! just to have a very fine film on the moving surface.

If you do this and it still makes that noise I don't know what else you can do apart from buying a new fan.
Good luck!