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12-19-2011, 06:41 AM
One of the few complaints I have so far with my new G74SX-A1 is the very low volume output of this thing when trying to watch docs/ on-line ... say youtube. I've played around with the THX settings (maxxing out settings in each) but doesn't help much. Most times the volume is barely loud enough to hear at all with everything maxxed. I've seen this problem asked about many times now with this notebook but no answer I can find. Anyone help? tia

12-19-2011, 11:58 PM
I just got an A1 as well and had the same complaint when I first got it... What helped me was going into THX and with the arrows switch it over to 'external speakers' ... This helped me alot and volume is now actually good when lisening to the radio and YouTube online... It is still pretty soft and sad when watching a movie or BlueRay though... I bought a cheap pair of speakers for watching blue rays .

12-22-2011, 09:13 AM
Thanks, yeah I tried all the THX settings (I found this also through searching the forum) and it did make a miniscule difference but they brag about the amazing sound this unit has and I can barely hear it most of the time. I can't believe Asus hasn't worked on or offered a fix for this ... or I can't find one anyway. Do you (or anyone else) know which driver(s) or software actually controls this volume and is there an update that would help? I find it hard to believe everyone is putting up with this ... unless mine is a lot worse than most others. Frustrating.

12-22-2011, 09:50 AM
What audio driver(s) do you have installed, and what auxilliary audio programs (THX, SRS, etc.)?

12-22-2011, 10:55 AM
I have found that even before I did a clean install, that getting rid of the thx thingy and updating realtek sound drivers and using its built in settings fix the volume problem.

01-15-2012, 06:26 AM
What audio driver(s) do you have installed, and what auxilliary audio programs (THX, SRS, etc.)?

Wow, so sorry ... I had no idea anyone had replied. I recieved no notification via email and couldn't see where/how to select this option? Anyhow, this is what my unit came with.

Realtek HD Audio is

Nvidia is

THX TruStudio is 1.04.04


01-15-2012, 06:33 AM
I have found that even before I did a clean install, that getting rid of the thx thingy and updating realtek sound drivers and using its built in settings fix the volume problem.

Thanks ron ... so you've found that the THX software itself is sucking the volume out of this machine and yours is better/louder after uninstalling THX completely? The THX program/sw is actually not required at all?

01-15-2012, 12:55 PM
If you follow this thread you will find some different solutions to the problem of low audio:


I've found the best solution for me, as you can read about there ...
You should not expect miracles when it comes to the sound quality no matter which solution you choose. The speakers are really bad so it's all about "minimize the damage".

You just have to test the different proposals that are available in the thread and see what you are most satisfied with.

Good luck! :)

01-15-2012, 03:46 PM
Check in your BIOS and turn up the speaker volume for the POST sound to max (8). I kept my post sound to its default of off in BIOS since I bought it (Oct. 2011) until just last week, and finally turned it on and adjusted volume from default of 4 to 8. That seemed to make a diff. in the sound level when booted into an OS.

04-22-2012, 07:35 PM
Do not uninstal THX driver......
Just type in start > search> THX....it will apear "THX Trustudio Settings" . Open it and switch the arrow to "External speakers" and set the max Volume. By default it is set at "Built in speakers" to give the best quality sound at lower volume.
The only thing is that you'll have to do this every time you want louder sound, so... click right on "THX Trustudio Settings" and click and "pin to task bar" or "pin to start menu" so you will have it right under your hand when you will need it.

Please try to do so....and comment please :)

Also i did set in Bios the default volume from 4 to 8... but this is not the issue,just THX......

04-23-2012, 08:50 PM
Surprisingly, switching to external speakers ın THX TruStudio (mine was shipped with v1.02) did NOT increase the total volume. Turning THX TruStudio completely off makes sound much horrible than usual, so keep it if you can cope with it.

Based on my experiements, If THX TruStudio is ON, the sound quality is crystalized very well and when you turn it off it makes sound output too bad. At the same time, switching to external speakers changed the audible level "a bit", that's all. Actually lacking a subwoofer or powerful speaker is the fundamental reason to hear low volume. My 15 year Toshiba notebook (Celeron 800) has 10x higher volume than my current G53JW which is too funny.

E.g.: Meanwhile, I don't beleive Realtek ALCxxx HD audio controllers produce such bad sound without THX TruStudio, i heard lots of sound provided by Realtek ALC268 / 269 which were really clear, so it's another point of interest.

05-29-2012, 04:30 PM
I have the exact same problem. The speakers are a joke. I can barely hear most Youtube videos, and what I can hear is really tinny. I have tried everything and the best possible I found is using THX to lose some of that Tinny sound but the volume is barely improved. I just cannot believe that these speakers are in a $2000 laptop. My old acer aspire had better speakers. My only solution is to get a headset. I will see what Asus can do for me as the sound is just not at an acceptable volume for a regular laptop let alone a high end gaming laptop.

05-31-2012, 03:34 PM
i installed windows from 0. And forgot the THX crap. With the driver + software from realtek i managed to get a better sound quality. i use the equalizer in POWERFUL mode.